Free Kids Classes on Samba Drumming and Learn Stilt Walking

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Located at N.O.R.D.C. Center 800 Race St. New Orleans, LA. 70130  Contact


Read about the closing of programs and removal of Casa Samba from it's location for 16 years at the NORDC Annunciation Center    

“The community needs this facility to keep the children served off the street and with options that provide them a safe environment to learn and grow. Let's make sure they have the 800 Race Street facility as a safe haven, something all kids deserve!!”

   With no public notice to the Lower Garden District neighborhood this facility serves. NORDC has decided to close the Annunciation Center facility at 800 Race Street to turn it into offices for the NORDC Administration. Here’s some ways you can help in this effort!!!

1.       Please sign our petition and leave a comment to tell the New Orleans Recreation Development Commission to save the facility for our children and community. There are plenty of places that the city has available for offices. You access the petition on line at:  .

(Please sign it soon, as the center is scheduled to close all of its programming on June 3, 2013.) You can also use your smart phone to connect to the online petition by taking a picture of the bar code on the bottom of this flyer.




4.       Inform your council member or public official from your neighborhood or district CALL THEM OR GO TO

For more information contact, Curtis Pierre of Casa Samba at 504-236-7479.

Please sign our petition and pass it along to everyone you know. 

samba drum practicestilt walking practice kids and their instructors
Samba Kids of New Orleans

Samba Kids is used as a form to help families spend time together, by having kids classes going at the same time as the adult classes. In this program parents can watch their kids learn Stilt walking and Brasilian rhythms and cultures while having the option of taking a Samba dance class for themselves at the same time. So you get to enjoy being with your children as the whole family is taking classes.  The recommended age for the children's class start at five years old, the classes are free for all children under the age of 18 years old. Located at the N.O.R.D.C. Center 800 Race St. New Orleans, LA. 70130 

                                                Our Mission 
Our mission is to present audiences with an authentic Brasilian Carnival and folk arts experience. Samba Kids Sponsored by Casa Samba does this through weekly open rehearsals and frequent school and university workshops. Additionally, we maintain a center that works to educate the New Orleans community and the Gulf South region of the rich cultural traditions of Brasil and the similarities which bridge Carnival in Brasil with Mardi Gras in New Orleans emphasizing that importance of their African tradition and influences.

Casa Samba's vision is to train children and adults in New Orleans and throughout the Gulf South into aspiring practitioners of  Brasilian traditional music, dance and cultural arts. Curtis Pierre, has studied over the past 25 years, to gain the knowledge and expertise on Brasilian music and dance.
   Now with Samba Kids and the aid of Casa Samba, he would like to give back to the community through offering classes and workshops on the Brasilian music, dance and culture. For the past 17 years he has with hands on work within his community with hundreds children. Not only as a performer but, he is roll model, mentor, big brother and as a farther figure to many of his neighborhood children. Casa Samba and Curtis has performed for over 800,000 children the metropolitan New Orleans school systems and surrounding parish schools, exposing children to Brasilian culture, music and traditions.
     Being a native of New Orleans and knowing the problems that kids face today, Curtis has adopted the same philosophy of the samba schools in Brasil in taking a social responsibility for safeguarding our children and providing them with creative and challenging opportunities and experiences other than what is found in the streets.
   It is our desire to provide a venue for getting the community, specifically children and young adults interested in music and dance and providing them with a place to participate in supervised and structured activities like Residences, after school, and during the summer months. 

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We have been attending the drum classes for children on Saturdays for the past 3 months.  My 4 year old son absolutely loves it.  Mr. Pierre is a wonderful teacher. He has the gift of communicating with the children.  They are captivated by him.  We are so grateful to have learned about this class. I wish we ha started coming sooner.....thank you Casa Samba for giving our family this opportunity!   Denise Woodall- Ruff